Huda Beauty Foundation Price in Pakistan 2024

Huda beauty foundation price in Pakistan

Hey makeup lovers! Looking for the best Huda beauty foundation price in Pakistan? We will help you in finding the right shade foundation at the best original price.

Huda beauty is a well known beauty products provider company around many countries alike Pakistan. It offers many skincare products, makeup products and fragrances as well.

We will be discussing their foundation price and foundation shades in this blog. But let’s first get familiar with Huda Beauty. 

About Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty was founded in 2013 by multi-award winning beauty blogger Huda Kattan. Huda Beauty, which began as a blog in 2010, now has over 26 million followers and is widely considered the most popular Beauty account on Instagram.

Huda followed her longtime dream of becoming a makeup artist by enrolling in a top-tier Los Angeles school, where she has since built a clientele that includes Hollywood’s elite and members of the royal family.

Soon after, Huda started a YouTube channel and an Instagram account, all with the same name. She wanted to alter the perception that beauty may be far and unapproachable.

In the end, served as a platform where users could express their own ideas about beauty and get inspiration from others.

Huda Beauty Foundation Price in Pakistan: Color Guide

Huda beauty foundation is really popular in Asian countries like Pakistan. Huda beauty offers 39 different shades for different skin tones of different races. Let’s explore the best selling huda beauty foundation price in Pakistan now.

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation

Huda beauty faux filter foundation is a full natural coverage foundation for combination and oily skin. It is the best selling huda beauty product in Pakistan.

You can buy this foundation from different online platforms like Daraz, and many more with positive reviews. You may find it on different Huda beauty outlets and other physical stores at best prices. You can order directly from hudabeauty and purchase your favorite foundation.

Price can vary due to taxes and import policies but the average price of huda beauty faux filter foundation lies around 10,350 to 17,413 Pkr. These prices depend on the foundation size and color you choose according to your skin tone. 

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Shades

Listed below are some best selling available shades of huda beauty faux filter foundation. You can choose a color which perfectly matches your skin. Huda beauty foundation shades are listed to fair, light, medium, tan to rich shades. Let’s get familiar with more detailed shades names. 

  • Faux Filter Foundation Toasted Coconut
  • Faux Filter Foundation Dulce Leche
  • Faux Filter Foundation Latte
  • Faux Filter Foundation Butter Pecan
  • Faux Filter Foundation Cheesecake
  • Faux Filter Foundation Luminous Matte
  • Faux Filter Foundation Cocoa
  • Faux Filter Foundation Macaroon
  • Faux Filter Foundation Brown Sugar
  • Faux Filter Foundation Amaretti
  • Faux Filter Foundation MilkShake
  • Faux Filter Foundation Angel Food
  • Faux Filter Foundation Chai

How to choose your perfect foundation shade?

Huda Beauty helps you find your perfect foundation shade with their given shade finder. Simply go to Huda Beauty official website and go to shade finder. There you will find the button to start a quiz for your perfect match.

You simply have to choose the answer about your skin and after 3 to 4 questions they will recommend you your perfect skin foundation shade. Then buy your shade and look naturally perfect after applying that.


Today we have discussed the Huda Beauty foundation price in Pakistan. We have also explored their different foundation scale categories and most selling shades names. You can buy Huda beauty foundation at different online and physical stores easily. But don’t forget to check reviews before placing an order from any online store. Thank You!

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